Independent Buyers Agent and Advocate

Acting Solely in Your Best Interests

By partnering with a local independent buyer’s agent, you will have total peace of mind knowing that we:

  • Have no affiliations with real estate agents, financial advisors, or property developers.
  • Act solely in your best interests to achieve the most desirable outcome for you
  • Are fully licensed, insured, and registered
  • Explain everything to you in clear, easy to understand terms
  • Follow a strict code of ethics and best industry practices
  • Charge an honest fixed-rate and commission for all services

Create Your Personalised Wish List

During your initial consultation, your buyer’s agent will take the time to find out what you desire in your dream property, down to the finest details – including features, location, budget, profitability, estimated resale value, and much more.

We’ll also take the time to determine your lifestyle, business, or investment-related goals, and then create a tailored plan to help you reach those goals.

The Search Begins

After collecting this information, your buyer’s agent will find and prepare a list of viable properties that meet your criteria.

With our exclusive access to off-market property listings, databases not available to the public, and hot leads from local estate agents – you will gain an “almost unfair” advantage on the property market.

As a result, you can ‘strike while the iron is hot’ by submitting a persuasive offer before anyone else.

Best of all? You don’t have to do a single thing. So kick back, relax, and enjoy life!

Due Diligence

Once the list has been narrowed down, your buyer’s agent will carry out due diligence to make sure the property meets the highest standard.

They will arrange building and pest inspections, site surveys, and arrange for a solicitor or legal representative to review your Contract of Sale. This will ensure the property is safe and compliant, and the terms of sale meets your criteria.

We will also perform background checks to determine the current true value of the property, which will help you secure the property at the lowest possible cost.

Powerful Negotiation and Bidding

By drawing from over 20 years of experience in auction bidding and negotiating, your buyer’s agent will act on your behalf – in a calm, confident manner – to secure your property at the RIGHT price and on FAIR, legally binding terms.

Of course, you will get all the guidance and info you need to confidently say ‘Yes!’ before we seal the deal.

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